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All About August

"Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August."

Jenny Han

At The Advanced Spiritual Institute, we believe that August is a powerful month of the year. Between the slight shift in energies, August brings the energy of completion and past healing. With an endless potential for healing, change and prosperity you have the power within you to take charge and steer into the unknown. Rather than allowing ourselves to be complacent, we are presented with an opportunity to self reflect and aim higher.

Chakra Aura Healing, Clearing and Activation This is a one and a half-hour private session which begins with an evaluation of your energetic structure including the Chakras.  The certified healer will assess the imbalances in your life and work to reactivate the underperforming chakras and repair the imperfections in your aura. Afterwards,   your energy will be rebalanced in order to improve intuition, productivity, positivity, and clarity

Chakra Meditation *Online* Wednesdays 18:30 BST Our guided Chakra Meditation will first relax the body and clear the mind, and then focus on balancing the chakra system. Using time tested and specific form of meditation this practice is especially useful for beginners and advanced meditators and will guarantee to open the chakras! Meditate with us and have your chakras open, aligned and balanced!

Chakra Aura Workshop *Online* Wednesdays 19:15 BST Have an interest in the Aura and our Chakra System?  Join us for the Chakra and Aura Workshop! This workshop will help you understand your energy system on a deeper level. 3 Key things you will learn: *What the chakras are and their purpose *How they influence different areas for your life *How Chakras can tell you what is happening

Foundational Training: Empower Thyself August 22 & 23rd 10:00 This two day (intensive) instructional course teaches you the necessary tools to purify and protect yourself from the negative influences of others. It works on deprogramming prior learned negative structures in the mind that are holding you back.

This course will also equip with a set of historical knowledge used by several visionaries such as Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, King Solomon, and many more. After this course, an individual will be able to create protected spaces where one can work, sleep, and live in an intensified field of positivity and productivity. Financing Options available as well, please inquire.

Journeys of The Spirit August 26th 10:00

This journey will help you to build a safe, trusted connection with your Higher Self so that you can begin to develop connections and receive information that you know is in your highest and best interest. The power of these connections is incredibly healing and empowering. Your connection to spirit is of life-long importance and the tools you receive in this class will assist you in every step of your spiritual progression going forward. Book Now

12 Races August 26th 18:00

In The Mystery School, tradition has always acknowledged and worked with the 11 races of magical beings that share this planet with humans. These beings, known as the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies and many others, once lived in harmony with humans until it was necessary to hide for their survival. The time has come again to reveal this sacred knowledge of our Elemental Brothers and Sisters and to share their purpose and power with all those who are called.

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