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Are you in the right direction?

It’s easy to feel like our lives haven’t turned out the way we wanted them to – that we haven’t become the people we want to be. Many of us who have studied in the Modern Mystery School and today are teachers and guides sometimes come from the background of people who found dissatisfaction in their lives and set out to find a way to turn it around.

You may be feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed. You may be angry or frustrated, sad or despondent, or you may be attempting to plaster over the cracks with assurances that everything is, in fact, just fine. You may even be grieving for the life you know you should have, and the cruelty of the life you have apparently been dealt.

Don’t lose hope, however. The ancient Lineage of King Salomon has stood for thousands of years as a bastion against the darkness; we work every day t

o help bring light into people’s lives, to strengthen them and empower them to set the step back on its right course, and to heal them of the things that are

holding them back.

Do You Feel Like You Aren’t Going in the Right Direction?

Today’s world is a hyper-competitive, fast-moving reality, which doesn’t afford us much time to think about what we want out of life. We are often swept a

long, moved by circumstance until, one day, we realise that we are unhappy, and that we aren’t quite sure how to fix it. It isn’t hopeless, however – you aren’t the first person to realise that their life wasn’t going in the direction they wanted, and you won’t be the last. The ancient Lineage of King Salomon tools practiced in the Modern Mystery School has helped thousands of people to correct the course of their paths through life, through a combination of guidance, coaching and self-empowerment.

The Lineage Tools and Teachings Can Help

The Modern Mystery School put down its roots before even the development of written history. It has been teaching the same fundamental truths for all that time, passing them down from master to student in an unbroken lineage that stretches back through the ages to the founding of the Temple of

Salomon. In its long lifespan, the Modern Mystery School has helped innumerable people to reach their potential and live the lives they dreamt of – and it can help you too. The Modern Mystery School offers instruction, guidance, courses, and life-changing modalities that include:

Life Activation

Life Activation is an ancient and time-tested modality that begins our elevation from simple everyday normality to the new paradigm. When you experience it, an approved and trained Modern Mystery School practitioner such as myself infuses your body and spirit with Light, lifting the cap on the amount of positive energy you are able to hold within yourself, and empowering you to rise above much of the negative dross of life.

Life Activation is the first and most fundamental step on the Path of the Initiate, and it serves as the key foundational stone on which all other spiri

tual and personal empowerment is built.

With Life Activation, you are more able than ever to take control of your life and steer it in the direction of your choosing!

Empower Thyself

The next stage up from Life Activation is Empower Thyself; an incredibly powerful change that further empowers us and teaches us how to harness our new potential. After the Empower Thyself modality, many students say that their eyes have been opened to a new degree; that they now have much more power to effect change within their lives.

Empower Thyself is just that – empowering. Take control of your destiny and book a session today!

The Max Meditation System™

The Max Meditation System™ was developed by Modern Mystery School Founder Ipsissimus Gudni “Frater Ged” Gudnason many years ago after his travels took him to China, Tibet, India, Japan, and further afield.

Incorporating the effective aspects of each meditation system and shedding the ineffective, Founder Gudni managed to create a new, much more powerful form of meditation – one which provides its practitioners with much stronger and more immediate results than the other forms of meditation and removes many of the drawbacks.

I personally run a number of Max Meditation ™ workshops in person in London, online and further afield, with a regular timetable – you can attend anyone to learn this incredible meditative technique for yourself, or simply to enjoy the

company of my guidance and other students.

Direction, Purpose and Empowerment

The mission statement of the Modern Mystery School is freedom and empowerment for all: to live in accordance with the divine blueprint within us and to achieve our potential in this life, ushering in a new world where all can live in peace and self-fulfillment.

We don’t just do this through courses and initiations – we also play host to life coaches, speakers,

and gurus who specialize in helping.

Contact me Today

If you would like to know more about the Lineage of King Salomon, or if you’d like to talk to me about how we can help you fulfill your goals in life, you can get in touch with me on 02071837880 or 07840053501 or emailing me on

Alternatively, you could book a session or attend a class to meet me in person – we’d be happy to have you.

It is my goal to help all people ready to live life alive and so we will be more than happy to help you. Get in touch today!

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