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Despite the challenging times that we have been living in, around the world we have seen restoration in human kindness. Though it feels like a large task to stay at home and isolate, it has also provided us with an opportunity for deep reflection and resilience. We have a. unique opportunity to look within. Is there a part of your that's needing your attention? Are you seeking forgiveness but are you brushing past the opportunity to do so? What do you want to do with this unique opportunity, with this moment in time? It is up to you! While continuing to stay at home, we at the Advanced Spiritual Institute are offering you the opportunity to join our online meditations and webinars, we hope it supports and nurtures you as it is a great way to go within, reflect and self heal.

FREE Live Guided Meditations


TUESDAYS May 5 I 12 I 19 I 26  13:00

THURSDAYS May 7 I 14 I 21 I 28  18:30

Looking to de-stress in the middle of the day and clear negative energy?

Set yourself up for success with this easy meditation system. This half-hour guided group meditation incorporates five simple steps to reach internal and external relaxation.

This session is intended to reduce stress and pain while enhancing your energy, vitality and well being.

Chakra Meditation

*Online* May 5th & 19th 18:30

Our guided Chakra Meditation will first relax the body and clear the mind, and then focus on balancing the chakra system. Using time tested and specific form of meditation this practice is especially useful for beginners and advanced meditators and will guarantee to open the chakras! Meditate with us and have your chakras open, aligned and balanced!

Chakra Aura Workshop *Online* May 6 I May 13 I May 20 I May 27 at 18:30

Have an interest in the Aura and our Chakra System? Join us for the Chakra and Aura Workshop! This workshop will help you understand your energy system on a deeper level. 3 Key things you will learn from this workshop are: *What the chakras are and their purpose *How they influence different areas for your life *How Chakras can tell you what is happening

Moving Meditation: Chi Do


May 12 & May 26 18:30

Chi, the body’s life force is our vital energy. This Moving Meditation focuses on building this life force energy "Chi" and clear your mind. Chi-do is a simple meditation where you will be guided on focusing your energy while doing a simple set of movements. Gain a positive mindset with this relaxing meditation.

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