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Allowing Yourself to Be

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” Alan Watts

How are feeling right now? Do you wish you were feeling something else?

Right now can be a challenging time given the current situation we are in, which is very understandable. You might feel off-kilter, emotional or stuck and that is okay. Sometimes the best thing to do it just to breathe through it, and surrender to the moment. We believe that mantras are a great tool to instil a positive mindset. Mantras allow us to shift our perspective and focus on something positive.

Below we have outlined 10 mantras to help you during this time.

1.I accept myself for who I am

2.I can choose positive thoughts

3.I treat myself with love and respect

4.I am enough, and I get better everyday

5.I am free to be myself

6.I am capable

7.I am loved, just the way I am right now

8.I am growing and changing

9.I am in the process of making positive changes

10.I am not my emotions or my thoughts

Meditation is also a great tool to help you allow yourself to simply be where you are and gain a positive mindset. View our upcoming schedule this week for virtual meditation.

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