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August - A Month of Activity!

August has been a very active and adventurous month! It started and ended with a Full Moon, and I am so blessed that my events sold out with the most beautiful people attending.

I feel so blessed and thankful to have spent several days in deep Hermetic training with Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, and I am going to continue to study my notes to master the concept in my daily life as they were enormously powerful teachings. Then it was off to the Blue Mountain Resort for Martial Arts training led by the Warriors of Light team and I am proud to say that I achieved my Blue Belt.

After all of this amazing time spent learning and progressing on my path I took an overnight flight to Galway, Ireland. This took me right back to my roots, to where I grew up, and I while was there I helped my Mom pack up our family home of 73 years. There were so much treasures, memories, and pictures of a lifetime we sorted and packed away. After some very hard work we spend three nights enjoying Galway Bay, delicious food and good times in the company of family and friends.

Life is fun even when you have to work hard and face the reality of every stage of life, I feel so blessed to live with the best people both family and friends. Lets see what September has in store, I am excited as I prepare to set my intentions with the light of this powerful Blue Supermoon.

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