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Full Moon & Eclipse

Today is November 8th and we have our next full Moon which comes with a lunar eclipse, this will be the last lunar eclipse for three years, and the Moon will be a deep red colour. With this event you may very well experience a deep transformative time in your life, as you experience the flow of both of these lunar influences occurring for all of us.

The Full Moon occurs each month and it assists us to bring out the shadows from our lives, to bring our emotions and feelings to the surface so that we can release what no longer serves us. It's a good time for us to release the negative things that we are aware of, and also from the unconsciousness, all the things that prevent us from being our best. It is also a time of being unified and aligned as a fully empowered divine being, living life to the fullest in the physical world.

Eclipses bring in evolution and are known to be like the helping hand of the universe.

Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth lies directly between the Sun and the Moon, meaning the Moon lies in the shadow of the Earth. These events bring our unconscious feelings to the surface, therefore eclipses are a very powerful time to cleanse our emotional waters. It is also a very powerful time for setting our personal intentions for renewal of oneself, and for rejuvenation.

So with the combined energies on November 8th when the full Moon and eclipse occur we may indeed experience the ushering in of a revolution!

The full Moon is an opportunity to let go of an aspect of your emotional experience that you have outgrown, it is also a time for anchoring in a new maturity or wisdom that was gained in the previous cycle; it is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you.

So today is a great day to set aside some time for you (take a nice relaxing salt bath for example), evaluate in our own time and space what it is that you truly want to release, and then to give your higher mind instruction to release this from you; a cleansing of an emotional cycle.

By developing a spiritual practice that is founded in Earth based wisdom, and honouring the cycles of the Moon as well as seasonal cycles of change and growth we can live in greater peace and harmony in our daily lives. For this reason I will be offering a Full Moon Meditation series in 2023, so that you can come together with likeminded people on a monthly basis and develop these areas of your life. I will be announcing full details shortly very shortly.

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