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Healing Prayers

Healing Prayers, hands in the universe

Healing prayers are deeply rooted in faith and spirituality, and they offer a profound way for people of all cultures and traditions to seek solace and restoration.

These prayers, whether expressed through supplication, meditation, recitation of sacred texts, or communal rituals, serve as conduits for connecting with the divine and invoking benevolent forces. Central to their efficacy is a profound belief in their power to effect change, grounded in the conviction that the divine or the universe responds to human suffering with compassion.

Healing prayers extend beyond physical health, holding the promise of spiritual transformation and inner renewal. They invite individuals to surrender their burdens, cultivate qualities such as faith and humility, and confront deep-seated wounds with courage and grace.

In our lineage, you will learn how to use the calling upon ritual, which is a sacred practice that holds profound significance as a means of invoking divine energies for guidance, protection, and empowerment. The ritual calls upon the unseen forces at work in the universe and serves as a bridge between the mundane and the spiritual realms, facilitating communion with higher powers and accessing their wisdom and blessings.

At its core, the calling upon ritual is a deliberate invocation of specific deities, spirits, angels, or energies through prayers, incantations, gestures, and symbolic actions to establish a sacred space where the presence of the divine can be felt and experienced.

One of the fundamental aspects of the calling upon ritual is intentionality. You will learn to approach the ritual with a clear purpose or desire, whether it be seeking guidance in a time of uncertainty, requesting protection from harm, or invoking blessings for a specific endeavour. By focusing your intention and energy, you will create a receptive vessel through which your desired outcome can manifest.

Fundamentally the calling upon ritual serves as a potent tool for spiritual communion, empowerment, and transformation. Whether performed as a solitary practice or within a community setting, it fosters a deep sense of connection with the sacred and reaffirms the interdependence of all beings within the vast tapestry of creation.

If you are ready to heal yourself and your loved ones you should start your journey now with a Life Activation, and then progress to Empower Thyself. You will then be on the pathway to becoming a healer, and the fundamental aspect of this in the lineage is the Calling Upon Ritual, or healing prayer.

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