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How to Cope with Worry

There is no one among us who hasn’t dealt with worry at some point in the journey of life. Worry is one of the main things students talk to our life coaches about, and is often cited as the main reason why people are unhappy or stifled in their lives. The epidemic of worry is increasingly making students seek answers and help, so this blog post will address some of the causes and treatments for this problem. Here at the Advanced Spiritual Institute if you feel overwhelmed with worry or unable to cope with your worries, contact us today on by phone or text on 078 40053501 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

Why do we worry?

Worry is a natural response to a harsh world – we worry because it helps to motivate us to be careful, check our work, take action against potential problems, and to fix things that may be holding us back. In our most ancient days, it was a way to ensure survival in a world fraught with danger – rival kingdoms, disease, dangerous animals, and severe weather all posed threats to our early ancestors, and worry helped those people to be ready when the threats came knocking.

We are, in a way, hard-wired to worry. However, today’s over-stimulating world is faster-moving, more full-on, and less immediately dangerous than that of our ancestors. After all, if we don’t resolve a problem that is worrying us, we are unlikely to be eaten. At the same time, the increasing complexity of society engineers more for us to worry about than ever before: money, career, kids, health, politics, travel, housing, education, news, exercise, diet, spirit, the car, the roof, the hole in your coat… it goes on

and on forever.

Clearly, we can’t just let ourselves be consumed by worry – we have a great and glorious purpose to accomplish, and can’t sit around being miserably anxious all day.

Experts have identified the following areas as key reasons for worry in modern people; by identifying and learning them, you can apply them to your own life, singling out the root causes of your worry and eliminating them for a happier, healthier, more productive you!

Negative bias – one of the worst, since it feeds directly on negative energy and spins out more negativity in every direction, a negative bias means you look only at what went wrong, ignoring what went well. As an example, it’s “I tripped over my words once during the presentation”, without realising that the rest of the presentation was actually very well received.

Discounting the positives – finding reasons to discount your successes, perhaps by chalking them up to dumb luck or chance and ignoring your part in making the success happen. As an example, “I was just lucky to pass the test; material I knew came up. I’ll probably fail the next one.”

Internalising negative labels for yourself – we shouldn’t try to put ourselves in boxes, and we definitely shouldn’t put negative labels on ourselves. If you start to pin your shortcomings or mistakes on yourself, to consider yourself “stupid” or to think that you can’t do it, you may manifest that reality. You have infinite potential, all you need to do is believe it!

All-or-nothing thinking – life isn’t black and white, and just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. Holding things up to the standard of perfection vs. total failure is a sure-fire wayto generate worry and negative energy, and can strain relationships, career and personal projects – let go the demand for perfection and you’ll find yourself much happier and healthier!

Assuming the worst without evidence – have you ever done something potentially embarrassing, and simply known, without any real proof, that everyone had noticed and was laughing? Have you ever assumed, well ahead of time, that something was going to pan out badly? It’s easy to assume without evidence, but it is never helpful!

Expecting the worst – following on from our last point, it’s easy to find ourselves assuming the worst possible outcome – we shouldn’t! Predicting disaster at every turn will only result in constant worry, as every situation is spun out into catastrophe in our heads.

Punishing ourselves for “failing” to meet our own standards – we all have an image in our heads of who we are. When we let down that image, it’s tempting to beat ourselves up for our failure. But when we fall down, we don’t need to be kicked, we need to be helped up. Be kind to yourself when you fail your own expectations. Harsh self-criticism and punishment will only lead to more problems.

Taking responsibility for things that you can’t control – “I should have left the house earlier, now this storm has kicked up and I’m going to be late.” You can’t control the weather, and you couldn’t have known that it would make you late. It isn’t your fault, so try to control your worry about it.

And finally, perhaps most importantly:

Overgeneralisation. “I crashed out of that networking event. All other networking events will be the same.” One negative experience does not make a rule – think about whether it’s really reasonable to feel the way you do. It’s likely that you are overgeneralising.

How to Beat Worry

So now that we know what causes worry, what can be done? We could…

Get up and Take Action

The most proactive way to deal with worry is to eliminate the causes of our worries. Even if we can’t eliminate them outright, the action of getting moving, working towards relieving the worry and putting our plans to work will in itself reduce the worry. It helps us cope with worry to know that we’ve done all we could to allay it; whether or not we finished the job entirely.


Meditation has been used for thousands of years to bring mental peace and calm, and it is just as useful today in stilling our worries. Meditation – especially the Max Meditation System™ of the Modern Mystery School™, is unique in its ability to quiet or negative inner voices and strengthen our positive thought patterns. Come to a session today and see what all the fuss is about! The results may surprise you. I offer this online and in person on a regular basis so you can easily learn how to medicate using this system and receive its benefits.

Take a Life Activation Session from The Lineage of King Salomon

One of the most profound steps that any of us can take in the fight against worry is the Life Activation Session at the Advanced Spiritual Institute in London. An incredibly empowering experience, Life Activation fills us with renewed purpose and positive energy, enhancing our ability to hold Light within ourselves, strengthening our spirits, and enabling us to dissipate negative energy like worry with relative ease.

After a Life Activation, your life may never be the same – worries that once consumed you will now seem easy to deal with, and fears can be overcome with your new energy, drive, and power!

Contact the Advanced Spiritual Institute Today!

If you would like to know more about dealing with worry, or you feel that -you are overwhelmed with worry on a regular basis, you can get in touch with us on 078 40053501 to speak to an expert who will be able to help. We are here to serve you on your personal journey and as providers of spiritual and mystery services, we have years of experience in helping students and seekers alike to find peace, growth and fulfillment. Call us today or book a session online or in person!

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