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Keeping our overall health and our immune health in check is very important right now. Spring is a perfect time to get your health back into balance. We like to use springtime as a time to renew our energy. If you are looking for a fresh start, we've listed our ways to a fresh start.

1. Put a Spring in Your Step Power walking,  going for a run, taking a yoga class online or dancing is a great way to move stagnant energy. This will also increase endorphins (hormones which activate general feelings of happiness). Blast your favourite music for inspiration and get moving. 2. Eat or Drink Your Greens Leafy greens are highly nourishing for the body. Green vegetables are saturated in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A general rule of thumb: the darker the green, the more nutritional firepower it has. Blend into a smoothie, make a juice or challenge yourself by adding a cup of green to each meal. 3. Meditation Meditation has been scientifically proven to have a host of health benefits. By meditating each day you reduce your levels of stress, promote emotional health and relaxation and enhance self-awareness. We are hosting free meditation 3x a week online, join us! 4.Vitamin D Find the vitamin protocol that is correct for you! Using such powerful vitamins such as vitamin D, it "regulates your immune system and cell growth, controls the expression of over 1,000 genes in our body, and is important for everything."

Vitamin C has many impressive benefits for our bodies as well! This vitamin boosts your immunity, lower risks for diseases and protects your memory and brainpower. 5. Keep a  Diary Express yourself. Holding onto grudges and old painful memories do not allow you to move forward in life. Are you ready to let go? Journal, write a letter, or whatever gets you into a writing move to create more space in your life for something better.

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