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Life Activation & Empower Thyself

Life Activation and Empower Thyself are the basic foundations for all humans living in these times to unify their divine spirit and physical life.

Life Activation

The Life Activation is a protocol that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with yourself while enabling you to bring in and anchor more Light and positive energy into your physical being. Life Activation also allows you to maximise your potential to bring forward your hidden talents and abilities. It will give you more vibrancy and clarity in your life. Additionally this session also includes several energy alignments that will help you achieve a sense of peace along with connection between your mind, body and spirit. The Life Activation takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete and the Advanced Spiritual Institute offers you either a female or male Life Activation practitioner. Empower Thyself

These teachings have been handed down from teacher to student for 3000 years. This course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings to bring enlightenment and energy into your life, it uses secrets that were previously been kept hidden historically. The Empower Thyself Initiation inducts you into the ancient lineage of King Salomon and the Adept Initiation brings you 10 times greater power to make the energetic and physical changes you need to reach your fullest potential. You will learn how your energy system works, how the Hierarchy of Light and heaven is structured, how to work with the Archangels and Angels to guide your life, along with sacred tools, rituals, meditations and prayer. You will learn how to work with energy to manifest the life you truly desire.

This is a 2 day course, and its completion is marked with a sacred initiation ceremony and you must have had a Life Activation before the initiation ceremony.

We are offing a special price for Life Activation & Empower Thyself on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January 2023 which will be held in Lancaster Gate, London W2.

Our subscribers can enjoy an additional £200 off of this course by clicking HERE and using the promo code: SetFree3762 but hurry as spaces are limited.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Martina Coogan.

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