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November 2020

It's November and we as society are once again preparing to stay home as we enter a four-week national lockdown. In every opportunity in life, we have a choice to turn it into a positive or negative. As we begin this lockdown with the experience of the last one, we each have the oppourtunity to set healthy habits. This is great time to follow a daily ritual and set goals that will give us the opportunity to exit the lockdown with a stronger mental, emotional, spiritual and healthier version of ourselves. While I am sad I will once again close the doors of my Notting Hill Centre, at the same time I am excited to share with you that I will be online offering weekly mediations, talks, consolations and sessions. These days are darker and many of us will feel the anxiety and depression setting in.  I am more than happy to help you and offer you the opportunity to manage stress and release traumas during this time. There are so many tools to use so please be strong and reach out for support and help. For myself, I am setting the goal of cooking and eating healthy each day while maintaining  10,000 steps a day to keep my body healthy. I will do my daily mediations and breathing techniques so that my mind is clear and free to experience each day with a fresh and open mind. I urge you to set your goals for you and if you needs some help I will happily gift you a 15 min phone call so you can get yourself started and moving in a positive way forward. Join me online for meditation on Wednesday evenings.

Guided Meditation *Online* Wednesdays 18:30 BST Our guided Chakra Meditation will first relax the body and clear the mind, and then focus on balancing the chakra system. Using time tested and specific form of meditation this practice is especially useful for beginners and advanced meditators and will guarantee to open the chakras! Meditate with us and have your chakras open, aligned and balanced!

Chakra Aura Workshop *Online* Wednesdays 19:15 BST

Have an interest in the Aura and our Chakra System?  Join us for the Chakra and Aura Workshop! This workshop will help you understand your energy system on a deeper level. 3 Key things you will learn: *What the chakras are and their purpose *How they influence different areas for your life *How Chakras can tell you what is happening in your energy field

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