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October Insights

"There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October." — Nathaniel Hawthorne

October is already upon us and we have many exciting opportunities for you to join us whether online or in person. Cosmically, October is a very powerful month with two Full Moons in one Moon cycle. This month gives us an opportunity to expand past our limitations, and have many breakthroughs. We would like to spot light two sessions this month which have been very popular to aide in clients transformation to living a positive life everyday, to release negative mindsets and programs and family patterns that no longer serve you rather take you away from the life you truly wish to live. Online: Core Relese Session

Did you know we hold core memories and concepts in our subconscious that limit us from moving forward in our life. These memories are often repressed and hard to target unless with a core release session. Create a new YOU and dissolve old concepts in the mind that are no longer serving you.  Empower your spiritual and physical being. In Person: Aura and Chakra Alignment System

Align the underperforming chakras and repair the imperfections in your aura. Afterwards,   your energy will be rebalanced in order to improve intuition, productivity, positivity, and clarity. The Aura will be purified and rebalanced of your prior stresses, emotional patterns, and trauma.

Guided Meditation *Online* Wednesdays 18:30 BST Our guided Chakra Meditation will first relax the body and clear the mind, and then focus on balancing the chakra system. Using time tested and specific form of meditation this practice is especially useful for beginners and advanced meditators and will guarantee to open the chakras! Meditate with us and have your chakras open, aligned and balanced!

Chakra Aura Workshop *Online* Wednesdays 19:15 BST

Have an interest in the Aura and our Chakra System?  Join us for the Chakra and Aura Workshop! This workshop will help you understand your energy system on a deeper level. 3 Key things you will learn: *What the chakras are and their purpose *How they influence different areas for your life *How Chakras can tell you what is happening in your energy field

Foundational Training: Empower Thyself October 10th & 11th 10:00 BST

This course will also equip with a set of historical knowledge used by several visionaries such as Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, King Solomon, and many more. After this course, an individual will be able to create protected spaces where one can work, sleep, and live in an intensified field of positivity and productivity Book Now

Stress Management October 14 & 19th 19:00 BST

Are you seeking a method to release stress in your everyday life? Join the Stress Management course and apply the techniques to your life! This stress management course with Founder of The Advanced Spiritual Institute: Martina Coogan. Martina will develop yout tool box to relief stress in your everyday life with time tested and metaphysical approaches. This class can be your one way ticket to transformation within!

Galactic Activation October 26 & 27 10:00 BST As the energy of the planet and humanity quickly heightens its vibration, all of humanity has the ability to access the potential to live as a galactic being, In Mystery School tradition, Galactic Activation provides to all those who are prepared and called to it is a full two-day workshop which is about living in a new way in order to become a different kind of human. The 24-strand DNA Activation is designed to open us and prepare us for our return to a divine state of being. Book Now

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