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Sacred Geometry 2

Updated: Mar 4

Spinning geometric shapes

Sacred Geometry 2 covers the art of healing with crystals, this coupled with sacred geometry gives you powerful tools to help yourself and others.

In this class you will receive two crystal healing modalities to use for self-healing and to help others.

Gemstone Healing is gentle yet powerful, working with the frequency of particular gemstones to attune to a person's energy field to enable you to heal physical, emotional, and mental blockages. This provide empowerment and also help with relationships. You will also learn how to scan people so that you can identify which stones to use, so that they will work best with an individual's energy.

Crystal Rites uses a combination of two crystals as well as a mantra to direct energy so that you can assist people in releasing and moving through their emotional trauma, and to bring them positive energy going forward.

You will also learn the art of Crystal Gridding so that you can create a sanctuary in home or office spaces. This technique involves installing a permanent crystal grid using sacred geometry patterns and mantras to activate energetic walls. This will raise the vibration in your space and to create greater support, focus, clarity, healing, and connection to the divine in areas where you deploy the Crystal Grid.

Finally you will learn how to work with two crystals, known as "twin crystals", so that you can work intuitively with your clients, and bring forth clarity and guidance so that they can progress in their lives.

The crystals you will use are known as "twin crystals" because they have grown from the same cluster, and therefore have an inherent connection which you will learn to use for the benefit of your clients.

Please note that you must have completed Sacred Geometry 1 before booking this class.

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