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Sacred Geometry & Astral Travel

I will be running in-person foundational Sacred Geometry and Astral Travel courses on Saturday 27th January 2024. These are wonderful standalone classes, and are also prerequisites if you want to go to Healers Academy in March 2024 during the London programmes; or in the future.

The Sacred Geometry series is comprised of seven courses that will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the divine geometric patterns. They will grant you the ability to open yourself to deeper understandings and universal wisdom.

As you progress through these courses you will build an extensive rapport with the divine and natural structures that govern all physical beings, how to purify the energy of a space, crystal healing, and much more.

Sacred Geometry is the language of the universe and the divine pattern through which the building blocks of creation come into manifestation. Working with these symbols you will unlock access to states of heightened consciousness and expanded spiritual awareness.

The Sacred Geometry series is a progressive training system that personally empowers you, while providing tools to support you and to serve others in the Light.

When you have completed these teachings you will have learnt that you have the power to bridge the spiritual and the physical by activating your home and workspaces as your holy sanctuaries, and you will know how to put these processes into action.

The Astral Plane has its own distinct place in the work of spiritual evolution, in fact, many works of art, musical composition, great pieces of literature, and important inventions have been created as the result of astral travel.

In Astral Travel you will learn the boundaries for safe travel and results on the Astral Plane with tried and tested methods for safety in the known Universe as you Astral Travel where you will uncover a magical world, much lighter than the physical plane, while still in a conscious state. Here you will recognise aspects of yourself that you do not see in daily life.

Book your place via the links below:

If you have can questions please feel free to contact me.

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