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Shifting to Awaken Spiritually

The Advanced Spiritual Institute hosts a variety of classes and meditation for you to awaken spirituality. When you are in touch with your spiritual self, life begins to unfold in beautiful ways. When we seek to know our true inner self, away from the masks of who we should be and who we pretend to be, we follow a path true to our hearts. There is no need to prove to anyone what you are doing or where you are going when you know in your heart you are doing the right thing. Life is exciting and there are many opportunities out there for you.

We are excited to continue our growth as a community and change the energy of the world! We wanted to remind you of our healing sessions, meditations, and more!

Chakra Meditation

A specialized form of Meditation to release blockages from the chakras. Our guided Chakra Meditation will first relax the body and clear the mind, and then focus on balancing the chakra system. Using time tested and specific form of meditation this practice is especially useful for beginners and advanced meditators and will guarantee to open the chakras!

Chakra Aura Healing, Clearing & Activation 1.5 Hour private session with a certified Healer at the Institute.

Activate the underperforming chakras and repair the imperfections in your aura. Clear residual emotions and traumas from the energy body and feel centredness and peace. Afterwards, your energy will be rebalanced in order to improve intuition, productivity, positivity, and clarity.

Love Activation ***Speciality Healing***

This two-hour private healing session works to build a love for one’s self so you can fully love others. The Love Activation is an amazing Love infusion that fills all empty spaces in your being with an intense sense of Love in life so that you are empowered to Love yourself and others. Move into a state of love, awaken the heart chakra and experience a shift in consciousness.

Life Activation

This is a 2 Hour Private session with a Certified Practitioner

The Spiritual DNA holds tremendous gifts and power. Initially, the activation was a rite of passage only offered to individuals in Ancient Mystery Schools. We offer this powerhouse healing modality for any individual ready to awaken their unlimited potential. *Several energetic alignments *Removing negative energy from the Aura *Balancing the 7 chakras *Activation of the Spiritual DNA using a quartz crystal and more!

please email to learn more

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