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Take the First Steps on a New Journey with Hermetic Universal Kabbalah!

Life is a series of journeys – some we take very consciously and more we allow others and life itself. We journey from childhood to adulthood, from student to master, and through any number of thousands of other transformations. Many people personally and professionally ask me how I manifest and how I continually progress in my life, so I decided today seen as this is a frequent question that I will share my secret.

In everything we do, we are progressing – one way or another – towards the future, and with Hermetic Universal Kabbalah, we can take the first steps on a new path: one that will bring us towards a happier, healthier, brighter future and a more enlightened self!

The Modern Mystery School has been guiding its students towards this brighter future for thousands of years, since the time of King Salomon more than 3,000 years ago. The Hermetic Universal Kabbalah Ascension 1-year program passed down through the ages has helped countless students to fulfill their potential and live their best lives, and it can help you too!

Do You Feel Like You Were Meant for More?

There is a disconnect between our dreams, ambitions and the aims of our souls with the stark reality of the world in which we live. Often, somewhere between childhood and adulthood, our dreams and the potential we carry are pushed back by the demands of life, languishing and creating inner turmoil.

Everyone feels it – the small, quiet belief that we were meant for more.

We feel that way because we are meant for more! We are all divine beings, who were never created and shall never die: we each hold infinite potential within ourselves and could reach new, incredible heights with the tools and knowledge to unlock that potential.

That’s where Hermetic Universal Kabbalah Ascension program and the Modern Mystery School come in.

Hermetic Universal Kabbalah Can Help

Hermetic Universal Kabbalah is a system for universal understanding, mysteries, and secrets of the universe are revealed, which can help us to unlock our latent potential. With the knowledge and capabilities gained through studying the sephirot and understanding of Hermedit Universal Kabbalah, we can raise our perceptions higher, understand the world around us more fully, deepen our connection with others, heal ourselves, release obstacles, and even unlock new skills and talents.

Hermetic Universal Kabbalah is called universal because it applies to everything, but also because it belongs to everyone! Contact the Advanced Spiritual Institute today and find out more!

Raise Your Perceptions

Kabbalah as a whole, and Hermetic Universal Kabbalah specifically, is about the way we perceive the world. The famous Sephirot – the “map of the universe” or “tree of life” used in kabbalah, is an incredibly incisive cipher. By studying it and learning how to read it and apply it in our lives, kabbalah opens our eyes to new depths of meaning and understanding in everyday life.

Hermetic Universal Kabbalah quite literally raises our perceptions, boosting our perceptive abilities beyond what they were before.

Understand More Fully

By applying the same teachings from Hermetic Universal Kabbalah, our new perceptions become a new understanding. There’s a reason that the ancient and venerable Modern Mystery School uses Hermetic Universal Kabbalah as a foundational stone on which all other modalities and teachings are built. Simply put; study of Hermetic Universal Kabbalah puts us on a much better footing to truly comprehend other aspects of life.

Reach Your Potential

With enhanced perception and empowered understanding in our arsenal, it is never long before we begin to more fully realise our potential. Kabbalists the world over have found that their goals suddenly became more within their reach as they studied; that their new talents and skills unleashed their potential in ways that they had never before experienced. This is something that you could experience too!

Unlock New Skills and Talents

Many practitioners of Hermetic Universal Kabbalah – foremost among them the teachers and guides at the Modern Mystery School – have discovered the incredible development of new talents and skills as they mastered their craft. Ascending to meet their potential, they have made strides towards living in accordance with their divine potential, discovering incredible new things about themselves as they did so. Will you make the same steps and the same incredible discoveries?

Can I Learn Hermetic Universal Kabbalah?

Yes! As we stated above, it is called universal not just because it applies to everything but also because it is for everyone! The masters at Hermetic Universal Kabbalah London have dedicated their lives to spreading the knowledge and mastery of this life-changing practice, and beyond them, the Modern Mystery School is the world authority on Hermetic Universal Kabbalah and spiritual development. Book a course today and begin your new journey to a happier, more fulfilled you!

Contact Universal Kabbalah London Today!

If you would like to learn Hermetic Universal Kabbalah, or simply learn more about this incredible skill set, you can contact us at the Advanced Spiritual Institute on 078 40053301 or send us a message or email As an International Hermetic Universal Kabbalists Instructor, I am more than happy to help you find the answers to your questions and provide advice, tips, and support where needed.

If you would like to book a taster session, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help those seeking to better themselves or better serve their community and those they love.

We’ve been helping people achieve their full potential for thousands of years – we can help you too!

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