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What You Seek is Seeking You

"In every walk in with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir What is your favourite part of spring? Our favourite aspect of Spring is noticing how Mother Earth is waking up from winter. We begin to notice the colour is bright around us, the trees are blooming and flowers are beginning to show. As we notice the shift in the season, we also notice a shift in ourselves. Spring is time for us to explore. The season brings back the light into our lives and allows us to begin again. This is an opportunity to expand our mindset to seek positivity, grow and adapt to the change around us. The earth is blooming and so shall your energy and your mind! This month at The Advanced Spiritual Institute we are offering plenty of courses for you to blossom and we invite you to take these opportunities to grow and expand, just like springtime.

Foundational Training: Metaphysics 101 This two day (intensive) instructional course teaches you the necessary tools to purify and protect yourself from the negative influences of others. It works on deprogramming prior learned negative structures in the mind that are holding you back. Enhance your energy, gain a positive mindset and seek your path to fulfilment. This course will also equip with a set of historical knowledge used by several visionaries such as Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, King Solomon, and many more

Full Moon Meditation & Ceremony Each moon has a different frequency, and during our meditation, we will bring the energy of the full moon to help guide us and create what we wish to manifest over the next 28 days. And as mentioned, using the light of the moon is a powerful way to prepare for the month ahead. The moon energy is always facilitating and supporting us throughout the month and its best to direct it with positive intentions. Come and celebrate the Full Moon with a guided meditation and ceremony.

Chakra Aura Workshop Discover the foundational knowledge about your Chakras and Your Aura.

Join us online for the free Chakra and Aura Workshop! The Chakra and Aura Workshop will give you an introduction to your energy system on a deeper level. 3 Key things you will learn from this workshop are: *Where and how the 7 chakras function *How the Chakras and your Aura influence your mind, emotions, and energy levels *Tools to open and keep your chakras and aura healthy

Sacred Geometry II

The second series of learning Sacred Geometry

Do you want to fully understand and harness the power of crystals? Join Sacred Geometry II and learn the magickal force behind crystals. In this 1 day intensive you will learn how to Crystal Dream Crystal Magick Crystal Healings Crystal Readings Crystal Grid your physical space!

Learn specific crystal healings for Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual wounds. Use crystals to enhance your energy, clear your mind, and open the chakras.

Astral Travel

Astral Travel is the art of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the realms of the physical reality. Astral Travel 1 teaches you the tools and techniques to expand your consciousness so that you can explore the astral planes and other dimensions more safely and effectively. It also aids to improve meditation, conscious dreaming and journeying. Join this class to expand your consciousness level to higher realms.

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