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November 2022

October has been a busy month, what with the successful completion of the Hermetic Universal Kabbalah Tree of Life, and the International Programs hosted right here in London with amazing Healers Academy Training and Divine Masculine and Feminine teachings.

November will also be as exciting as I have the honour of taking part in International Programmes in Toronto where we will gather from all corners of the World.

In the very near future I will also have some exciting news for you about a new meditation programme coming in the 2023, and also a new way to progress to Healers Academy. Full details will be available very soon.

The Month of November

The month of November is one of my favourite times of the year, as this is the month of Thanksgiving. Having spent twenty years of my life in America this festival means a lot to me. Thanksgiving is so special because it is not about materialistic things (there is no traditional thanksgiving gift) it is about celebrating the harvest and other blessings from the past year. But mostly it is about spending time with your family and loved ones, enjoying their company, and good food as you feel the blessings of the season and give thanks together.

The festival is also a time for reflection of the year gone by, to give thanks for the successes, and most importantly, thanks for your family and those who care about you the most.

I am most excited to give thanks on November 24th, to cook and host my partner Justin, his parents and my Mom for a fun-filled dinner, and this year in particular I have so, so much to be grateful for so I will express my gratitude and share my blessings with those I love.

I invite you in your own way to practice the opportunity to give thanks, it's so powerful and it creates an amazing energy of positivity and flow in our mindset and in our aura which, from my experience, creates an attraction for more goodness to flow into my life.

In-Person Events

My next in person events in London are:

All of these events will be happening in-person at the Lancaster Hall Hotel, close to Lancaster Gate Underground station.

I look forward to seeing you at my next in-person event, Sacred Geometry, at the Lancaster Hall Hotel on Tuesday 29th November between 1200 and 1500. This course will give you knowledge to cleanse and improve the energy of where you work, sleep, and live.

Full details and booking information can be found HERE


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