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Become a Ensofic Ray Healing Practitioner

The Ensofic ray is the highest and most powerful ray of energy and this is what is used in Ensofic Ray Healing. The qualities associated with it are purity, clarity, and focused concentration. The Ensofic ray will clear negative thoughts and patterns.

This healing is a process to reestablish the alignment of body, soul, and spirit. This is done by first clearing imbalanced physical, mental, and emotional patterns that prevent you from achieving your highest potential; secondly by sealing your physical body to contain this highest vibration and thirdly by synchronising yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically so that you are able to create a full life.

You can train with me to become a Fundamental Ensofic Ray Healer, this two day course will enable you to practice Ensofic Ray Reiki and undertake sessions in-person for the benefit yourself and others.

This class will teach you:

  • The history and lineage of the practice.

  • Metaphysics and Kabbalah.

  • How to undertake a full Ensofic Reiki session.

  • Procedures and exercises on how to bring stillness to the mind.

  • Methods to release stress and and increase relaxation.

  • Introduction to, and use of an Ensofic Reiki symbol to enhance healing.

  • Ensofic Reiki practices to undertake daily.

  • Circulation massage to assist clients in healing.

Upon successful completion of the course you will also be able to:

  • Undertake distance healings.

  • Undertake the removal of negative habits.

Visit THIS page to book your session with me.

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