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Class Length - 2 days.


This class will teach you:


  • The history and lineage of the practice.
  • Metaphysics and Kabbalah.
  • Learn how to undertake a full Ensofic Reiki session.
  • Procedures and exercises on how to bring stillness to the mind.
  • Methods to release stress and and increase relaxation.
  • Introduction to, and use of an Ensofic Reiki symbol to enhance healing.
  • Ensofic Reiki practices to undertake daily. 
  • Circulation massage to assist clients in healing.


Successful completion of this level earns the title:


 “Modern Mystery School Fundamental Ensofic Reiki Practitioner”

Fundamental Ensofic Ray Reiki

  • People who attend this course will be able to practice Ensofic Ray Reiki and undertake sessions in-person for the benefit themselves and others. They will also be able to:

    • Undertake distance healings.
    • Removal of negative habits.
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