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Life Activation

One of the core modalities of the Modern Mystery School that is offered by the Advanced Spiritual Institute is the Life Activation, it opens the gateway to the light, to energy, and it is the gateway to a person’s pathway within the school.

When I first started my journey in the Modern Mystery School I got invited to have a Life Activation, in fact my teacher was rather adamant I should have one! So eventually I decided “ok let me do this”, I needed to directly experience Life Activation to see what would happen for me.

The day after, I could feel inside myself that something had changed, but I could not put it into words for myself, let alone anyone else, so my logical mind struggled to understand what had happened.

In the days and weeks following the Life Activation I realised that I was more at peace with myself, more aware of my surroundings, and moving more into my own truth and self awareness; this was a completely different experience for me.

What happens when you have a Life Activation? Put simply, light flows into your structure physically, and spiritually and this changes you on both of these levels, subtly, but noticeably.

When I had the Life Activation it brought light into my receptors, called codons, so that the light of who I am in spirit could work with the physical aspects of me, and in turn I could manifest and align my true self: as above, so below.

As a result of this session I decided I wanted to be a practitioner of this modality and I learned how to do the Life Activation by going to a Healers Academy program. I learned more about what happens when people get activated, and of course how to do the Life Activation for others.

When I do Life Activations for my clients I am giving them a tremendous gift as the DNA strands are lit up both spiritually and physically so that they can bring in and hold more Life Force Energy to be used in the physical world. The Life Force energy flows in through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head and then continues down into the rest of the Chakra system, and then into every cell of the body bringing the whole being into a higher light, and a lighter physical vibration.

With the Life Activation you have taken yourself and your physical body into a whole new state of being, moving beyond human existence, what was once a human organism is now encoded into a divine frequency that will continue to grow and develop, holding and growing more and more light each day.

As the light activates the DNA it awakens dormant parts so that all of the DNA is activated to vibrate in the light and awaken. This is the first step to being fully in the light, the state we call enlightenment.

If you want to be your true self and enjoy every single day of your life, then I encourage you to have a Life Activation. Feel free to contact me if you would like more details, or a free consultation. At the Advanced Spiritual Institute you have the option of dealing with female, or male Life Activation practitioners.

I have currently opened up some opportunities for new clients to have Life Activation sessions, also if you have previously had one but you wish to have a clean up and have another Life Activation session please do contact me as the session can be repeated brining a more increased Life Force Energy into your life.

Some of my clients have a Life Activation session as the seasons change so as to stay ahead of the energetic movement in advance, so I invite you to book a session for yourself as its an huge positive gift to receive.

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