Not only are we made up of physical DNA, but we also have spiritual DNA. However, our Spiritual DNA lies dormant within us, unless activated by a certified practitioner at the institute. The Spiritual DNA has been referred to as "junk DNA" by scientists, but we as Metaphysicians know the Spiritual DNA holds tremendous gifts and power. Initially, the activation was a rite of passage only offered to individuals in Ancient Mystery Schools. Today we offer this powerhouse healing modality for any individual ready to awaken their unlimited potential.


The session is 1.5 hours in duration and is done by a certified practitioner and includes:

-Several energetic alignments 

-Removing negative energy from the Aura 

-Balancing the 7 chakras 

-Activation of the Spiritual DNA using a quartz crystal

-Purification of Light in your energy system 

-Assists in clearing family genetic karma

-Energy Reading 


This session also includes a set of homoeopathic remedies for you to take afterwards which will facilitate the healing process.


DNA Activation