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The Astral Plane is one of the great, real workshops of the Universe. It has its own distinct place in the work of spiritual evolution. In fact, many works of art, musical composition, great pieces of literature, and important inventions have been created as the result of astral travel.


Benefits of Astral Travel


Learn the rules of the road for safe travel and results on the Astral Plane with tried and tested methods for safety in the known Universe as you Astral Travel


In this class you will learn how to:


  • Uncover a magical world, much lighter than the physical plane.
  • Recognize aspects of yourself impossible to see in daily life.
  • Learn how to astral travel safely throughout the known Universe while still in a conscious state.
  • This process is presented in a very specific manner, which teaches the guidelines that ensure safety for the    traveller.

Astral Travel Level 1

  • Once you have placed your order I will contact you so that we can agree a date and time that is suitable for you to take the class.

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