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We are excited to offer you this self healing package which provides you with a £451 discount over taking the courses individually.


Upon completion of this package you will have the understanding of the foundations of metaphysics, be able create and sustain sacred space for yourself and be able to open and clear your chakras and also clear your aura and protect it from negative influences. 

You will be able to use the three sacred natural shapes to balance, manifest and to enhance your life and living spaces, and bring down and hold the first ray of Ensofic light.


The following courses are included in this package:


  • DNA Life Activation – Two hours.
  • Empower Thy Self - Two day course
  • Sacred Geometry 1 – Four hours 
  • Sacred Geometry 2 – One day 
  • Ensofic Reiki Training – Three days 


Once you have completed this series of courses you will have access to further foundational courses that are a pathway to healing others, this will then qualify you to go to Healers Academy.

Once your order is submitted we will contact you to arrange suitable dates for each section of the package.

Pathway to Self Healing

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