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In the journey of life, we tread upon seven interconnected pathways guided by the wisdom of Hermetic principles. Yet, amid life's trials and tribulations, these paths often accumulate debris and hindrances, impeding our progress.


Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Hermes and the profound insights of the Emerald Tablet, our approach seamlessly merges the Seven Principles of Hermetics with the enigmatic 8th Principle, forging a path towards clarity, freshness, and revitalisation.


These transformative sessions stand as a testament to the potency of our lineage, purging accumulated burdens and restrictive energies that thwart your journey towards fulfilment.


Each session meticulously clears the layers of your energy field, akin to the seven Rays of Light, fostering unimpeded flow and stability, empowering you to harness these energies for manifesting a vibrant physical existence.


The profound clarity attained through this rejuvenating series unveils a new perspective, allowing you to discern reality beyond illusions, unveiling the true essence of existence. Countless beneficiaries attest to heightened clarity and sharpened mental acuity, heralding a profound shift in perception.


The Hermetic Pathway Rebalancing represents the pinnacle of our Re-Balancing modules within the Modern Mystery School Tradition.


Benefits of the Hermetic Pathway Rebalancing


  • Dissipation of outdated vibrations and energies across all seven pathways.
  • Reactivation of these pathways, infusing newfound vitality within.
  • Clearing the passage for you to embark upon your destined journey.


With obstacles removed from your path, you'll:


  • Remain aligned with your authentic self and inner truth.
  • Stay focused on your genuine priorities.
  • Experience heightened vitality and vigour in pursuit of your aspirations.
  • Revel in a sense of clarity and lightness, akin to sparkling pure light.
  • Rediscover the thrill and feasibility of realising your destiny.


Sessions Overview


A sacred ceremony invoking Hermes-Thoth guides each session, conducted in-person with the client reclining on a massage table throughout.


Alignment and balance of the Seven Hermetic Principles and the revered Emerald Tablet within the individual:


  1. Mentalism.
  2. Correspondence.
  3. Vibration.
  4. Polarity.
  5. Rhythm.
  6. Cause and Effect.
  7. Gender.


This harmonisation bestows acceptance, the art of crafting a fulfilling life, alignment with one's essence, equilibrium amidst life's dualities, attunement with the positive flow of existence, and the embrace of sacred geometry for life enhancement, fostering a pure and illuminated mind guided by divine light.


This profound rebalancing journey, available as three single sessions at £300 each or as a pre-paid package of three at £750, awaits those ready to embark on transformative renewal.


Should you seek further insight into these transformative sessions, I welcome the opportunity to engage in discussion with you.


Please note: this series of three sessions can only be received once every 12 months.

Hermetic Pathway Rebalancing

  • Once you have place your order I wll contact you to agree a date and time for your first session, if you wish to discuss dates first please Contact Me

  • If you wish to pay for you 3 sessions indvidually at £300 per session (a total of £900) please Contact Me.

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