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Clear negative emotion, debris, and repair any damage to the Aura with this healing. Increase vitality, and match the energetic vibration of what you would like to manifest.


This healing deals with the sacredness of the human body.
If your life is out of alignment, or if you have been through some physical, emotional, or mental traumas then this healing is the session you need to regain your personal power.

If a part of you is out of alignment, be it inner thoughts, passions and dreams, personal plans, or an apathy to take action then this session is for you.


After a shock of any type be it physical, emotional, mental or psychological, our system gets out of alignment and many times we get disconnected.  We need sometime to be in the light of another to regain the ability to realign.


In this powerful session the Egyptian dieties give amazing healing light and support for us in the human state to return to wholeness and sustain our personal vibration to live our best life.

Egyptian Aura Healing

£150.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
  • Once you have placed your order I will contct you so that we can arrange the date and time.

    If you wish to do this before making a booking, please Contact Me

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