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A Shamanic meditation method; a journey into the depths of the earth with your spirit.


Journeys of the Spirit is about your connection to higher spiritual energies and beings, especially your Higher Self.

In this class you can look forward to:


  • Learning an authentic method of contact with your Higher Self.
  • Deepening your understanding of yourself as a spiritual being.
  • Receiving knowledge and healing from spiritual dimensions.
  • Gaining tools to strengthen your own psychic abilities.
  • Developing a connection to the elemental kingdoms
  • and much more! 


This journey will help you to build a safe, trusted connection with your Higher Self so that you can begin to develop connections and receive information that you know is in your highest and best interest.


The power of these connections is incredibly healing and empowering. Your connection to spirit is of life-long importance and the tools that you receive in this class will assist you in every step of your spiritual progression going forward. 

Journeys of the Spirit

  • Once you have placed your order I will contact you so that we can agree a date and time that is suitable for you to take the class.

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