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Do you want to fully understand and harness the power of crystals? 

Join Sacred Geometry II and learn the magickal force behind crystals. This 1 day intensive course you will cover:


1. Crystal Healings: Learn specific crystal healings for Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual wounds. Or maybe you want to get in a Zen Buddhist mind state. This is a powerful healing modality that you can do on yourself and for others.


2Crystal Magick: Deep healing on old wounds using crystals to create good fortune, abundance and magick in your life. 


3. Crystal Readings: Receive wisdom, clarity and insight to your client's most burning questions. Access the akashic records and perform professional crystal readings for others.  


4. Crystal Dreaming: Enhance your dreams with the use of crystals.


5. Crystal Gridding : Learn the Sacred Crystal Gridding method used by Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla. You will learn how to use crystals to grid for: 




*Divine Union.

 *Abundance, Manifestation, Positivity, Wholeness. 


This class includes a Sacred Geometry II manual and a set of powerful crystals (rose quartz, tigers eye, quartz, amethyst, and more), as well as a set of twin crystal readers for you to use. 


Join us and take this AMAZING class learning about crystals and using them to enhance your life. Seats are limited. All supplies are included.


**Please note: You must have taken Sacred Geometry 1 to attend this class.

Sacred Geometry 2

  • When you have placed your order I will contact you to agree the date and time for your session.

    If you would like to discuss this before booking please contact me

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