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Session 1  Life Activation
Move into full empowerment and fulfill your life work and destiny. This sessions gives your clarity, energy and the motivation to move forward in life. By removing stagnation from your mind and energy, this session will give you greater brain capacity while releasing old subconscious patterns. Raise your energetic vibration and attract what you truly desire out of life.

Session 2  Full Spirit Activation
The second step after the Life Activation. Amplify the connection to your higher self and spiritual guides. This session awakens pathways to the brain that have been dormant and grants you the potential to perform at a higher existence.Unblock physical and mental challenges in your life.

Session 3,4,5,   Hermetic Path Clearing (3 Sessions)
In a special Mystery school tradition these sessions clears the obstacles for your in order to achieve your highest potential. The session will clear old energy, vibrations, and mental patterns that have blocking your ability to move forward. You will feel a great sense of lightness, clarity and regeneration with these sessions while being able to move forward without looking back.

Session 6  Body Healing
Cleansing and purifying this session is truly unique. Truly beneficial for everyone, each person has a different experience depending on what needs to be healed. This session will bring into alignment and physical ailments you are experiencing and generate a greater sense of wellbeing.

Total savings of £300. This is offered to support my most loyal clients that will immense benefit and  that I know will benefit you right now.

Resilience Package of 6 Sessions

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