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Soak to remove any unwanted stress. The Salt Relief salt will provide the ultimate relaxation for mind, body and soul. 

This bath salts contains mineral-rich pink Himalayan sea salts and/or Epson salts which draw toxins from your skin's surface and impurities from your aura. 


Draw a warm bath and add a couple of spoonfuls of the bath salts. This package contains enough salt for 4-5 baths! Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes and drink plenty of water afterwards for replenishment. 




"Baths are a ritual for me. I put myself in my magic circle and started to run the bath. I decided that today, I would let the universe select the bath salts that suit me today. Sending that intention out , I closed my eyes and picked out the stress relief one!" Flora G.

"I put in a handful and climbed in. While in the bath, I read lots of funny messages friends had sent me throughout the day and had a great laugh." Amelia R.

"My muscles relaxed and my mood became lighter!" Clare O.

Thank you! It worked!


Stress Relief Bath Salts